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Employment Attorney Cynthia Pietrucha to Speak on New Illinois Paid Leave Law on July 12, 2023

May 19, 2023

Taking job-protected leave was the catalyst that led Attorney Cynthia Pietrucha to pursue a career in employment law. Prior to becoming a lawyer, she experienced firsthand the challenges faced by employees.

When she took a medical leave for her own serious health condition, which lasted approximately one month, her then employer failed to preserve her position during her absence. Instead, they cited departmental changes that occurred while she was away and attempted to demote her upon her return from medical leave.

Going through that experience was incredibly challenging, but she refused to let it go without seeking the justice deserved. She wasn’t an attorney yet, so she hired an employment attorney who not only provided her with valuable guidance but also skillfully supported her throughout the process. Thanks to their expertise and dedication, she was able to navigate the complexities of the legal system and ultimately secure the justice she had been fighting for. It also motivated her to pivot her career as a contract administration professional and start a career in employment law.

For this reason, Attorney Cynthia Pietrucha is looking forward to presenting at National Business Institute (NBI, Inc.)‘s upcoming course, “The New Illinois Paid Leave for All Workers Act” on Wednesday, July 12, 2023.

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Program Description:
What All Employers Need to Know Now

In March 2023, Illinois became the third state behind Maine and Nevada to mandate paid leave for any reason. With an effective date that is nearing, Illinois employers need to adapt quickly – as do employers with remote employees working in the state. Join experienced attorney faculty for a practical breakdown of the new law and what employers need to know and do to get compliance efforts on track. Navigate the rapidly evolving leave landscape with confidence – register today!

Determine who is a covered employer and employee under the Act.
Discover what options are left to employers dealing with operational disruptions and suspicions of leave abuse.
Learn what changes you should be making to leave policies in light of the new law.

Course Content:
Covered Employers and Exemptions
Eligible Employees and Exceptions
Leave Accrual, Frontloading, Carryover, Use, and Rate of Pay
What Employers Can and Cannot Do to Limit Use or Check Abuse
Retaliation Pitfalls, Enforcement, and Penalties
Notice and Posting Requirements
Recordkeeping and Tracking
Revising Leave, Accrual Policies, and Notice Requirements

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