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A supervisor is allowed to supervise. Performance is, at least in some respects, subjective. A manager can be bad at their job and personalities will not always mesh. Employment discrimination laws are not intended to address every-day workplace unpleasantness, but rather true discrimination.” – Attorney Jennifer Issacs, 2019 American Bar Association’s Young Lawyers’ Division Labor & Employment Law Committee

Employment laws don’t cover unkind moments, but Attorney Cynthia N. Pietrucha recognizes the thin line between personality disputes and actual violations of employment laws.   For this reason, she has challenged the employment decisions of big corporations like FedEx Freight, Walmart, Apple and Fidelity Investments.

Attorney Pietrucha provides employment counseling and legal representation in:

  • Mistreatment: Workplace Discrimination by failing to give you the same terms, conditions and benefits of employment compared to those who do not share the same race, color, gender, sexual orientation, pregnancy status and/or disability status.
  • Medical Leave Laws:  Job-Protected Leave to manage your pregnancy, new child, own serious medical condition, or the serious medical condition of a spouse, child or dependent.
  • Discipline, Termination and Investigation of Employee Accusations and Misconduct
  • Separation Packages & Pay:  Severance Agreements and General Releases
  • Money Owed:  Unpaid Wages, Bonus, Vacation Pay & Commissions, Repayment of Relocation Benefits, Breach of Contract
  • Medical Leave Laws:  Job-Protected Leave to handle your own serious medical condition, or the serious medical condition of a spouse, child or dependent;
  • Unemployment Benefits Eligibility Appeals:  Administrative appeals, telephone hearings, board of review written arguments, lawsuits for a circuit judge to review the administrative decision

Attorney Pietrucha ranks as one of the most sought-after plaintiff’s employment attorney in Illinois’ legal community. Cynthia guides clients through a world where too many folks play the mind-reader game, make assumptions, set high expectations for a resolution, and fail to effectively communicate their concerns.

She is passionate about improving working conditions and has represented factory workers, truck drivers, teachers, casino executives, CEOs and more.

If you need help communicating your employment concerns of filing claims against your employer, schedule a legal session with Attorney Pietrucha at

Born and raised in Illinois, Cynthia is a dynamic attorney and has negotiated over $20 million worth of confidential settlement agreements for employment disputes.

Cynthia is a mom of 3 and active in her community, serving:

Village of Downers Grove Liquor Commission (2016-2019), Illinois State Bar Association’s Standing Committee on Delivery of Legal Services (2020-2021), the Downers Grove District 58 Financial Advisory Board, the Board of Directors for the DuPage Association of Women Lawyers (2016-2017) and as Co-Chair of the American Bar Association Young Lawyers Division Disability Rights Committee (2017).

Cynthia speaks on career and employment issues to students, private organizations and media outlets, focusing mostly on better workplaces, diversity and equity, civil rights, working moms’ rights and medical leave laws. She also records, produces and presents employee training videos on workplace discrimination, time and attendance and staffing and scheduling.


  • Northern Illinois University College of Law
    • J.D., 2009
  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    • Pre-Law B.S. Broadcast Journalism & B.A. Spanish


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