Records violation

Is your employer refusing to share your employment records?
Illinois employees have the right to request a copy of your personnel records for inspection under the Illinois Personnel Records Review Act, 820 ILCS 40 (the “PRRA”).

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Key rights under the Illinois Personnel Record Review Act (the “PRRA”) are summarized as follows:

  1. Under the PRRA, an employer is obligated to allow an employee to review his or her file within seven working days after the request, or within 14 days if the employer can show that it needs additional time.  820 ILCS 40/2. 
  2. Section 2 of the PRRA states that employees shall be allowed “to inspect any personnel documents which are, have been or are intended to be used in determining that employee’s:
    • qualifications for employment,
    • promotion,
    • transfer,
    • additional compensation,
    • discharge or
    • other disciplinary action, except as provided in Section 10 [820 ILCS 40/10].”  820 ILCS 40/2. 
  3. The PRRA provides an opportunity for an employee to file a written statement in the personnel file if the employee disagrees with the information included therein.  Id. at 40/6.

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